Captain's log, Stardate: 57529.8, having reached Nebula 47-alpha-tango, we are about to send out probes to collect samples of the Gases present. Once they have returned, they will be analyzed and the data and samples stored for return to the federation in two 3/4 months time.  

"Mister Jacobi, please will you send out the collection probes." Lieutenant Dora Jelan asked.
"Certainly Lieutenant. Probes away."
"On return, beam them to containment lab 4 for analysis."
"Yes Miss!" Jacobi replied.
"Dora, I'm an engineer not a scientist, but could beaming the samples damage them?" Hernandez asked.
"I spoke to Lt.Cdr. Dodge about this, and she fitted the probes with a beaming stabilization shield." came the reply.
"Gosh she's to the point!" Hernandez whispered to Jacobi.
"I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her!" came Jacobi's reply  
"The probes have returned, beaming them to containment lab 4."
"Good. If you need me, I'll be in the observation bay."
"DORA Get yourself outta there!" Hernandez ordered
"No! I'm almost there."
"Emergency beam out! Now!" Suddenly Dora is trapped inside the beam of blue light and transported to outside the room.
"No time to explain. Computer! Containment lab 4 immediate lockdown!" Suddenly the corridor jumped to red alert and Tritanium bulkheads closed into place and a containment field sealed the room.
"Dora. My Ready Room. 10 Minutes."
"Yes Sir."  

"Dora, I am charging you with insubordination for disobeying a senior officer. Do you have anything to say?"
"No sir."
"Then I sentance you to a Week in the Brig pending further investigation. Dissmissed."
"WARNING GAS LEAK IMMINANT." The computer warned. Frantically Hernandez started tapping on his desktop display, plunging the ship into Red alert and clearing and sealing the deck, section by section, room by room.
"Damn it!" He had discovered that the air vents had deactivated, leaving him unable to flush the gas into space. Suddenly his combadge chirped,
"Captain to the bridge, we've been hailed."
"On my way."  

"We are the Sage. This is our nebula! Leave or be destroyed!."
"We are conducting scientfic experiments into the nebulas composition. We are here with permission of the Dominion."
"This is our nebula!"
"They're charging weapons!"
"Shields! Return fire, all banks and torpedo tubes!"
"Target Destroyed."
"Hmmm... I'm feeling tired..."
"Me too..."
"And me!" Suddenly, the bridge officers dropped to the deck unconcious. The last thing Arran Jacobi did was to lock down the ship with transverse bulkheads. Sealing every room of the ship off. An alarm started going off. Another Sage ship was inbound, and had found the wreckage...