Captain's log, Stardate: 57520.4, Following our patrol of the DMZ, we have been assigned a six month Deep Space Exploration Mission. We have made final preparations and are ready to go.  

"Mister Zalak, Prepare for wormhole entry, all decks this is the captain, prepare for immediate departure."
"All Decks report ready."
"Zalak, take her away." Slowly the spacecraft moves through the busy traffic surrounding Deep Space 9. As the Interstellar entered the wormhole a blue hue shone from every window. Once the ship had reached the other side, there were two Dominion ships waiting for them.
"Welcome to the Gamma Quadrant Captain I am the Vorta Kelim. I have given you a scientific map of the Gamma Quadrant, and you have a guest. His name is...Odo."
"Ok. I have sent you transport co-ordinates. Interstellar out."  

"Ah, you must be Odo."
"Yes I am Captain. This is a fine ship you have."
"Thank you, this is my first officer, Commander Taman Perul, and my Second Officer, Arran Jacobi."
"Do you know anything of Commander Kira."
"Commander! Last time I saw her, she was an Admiral. Anyway she asked me to give you these." Slowly, Captain Hernandez takes from behind his back a posy of Roses and a PADD.
"Thank you Captain," Odo says as he hands them to Commander Taman "Taman could you put those in my quarters please. Thank you. Now, can I have a tour of the ship?"
"Certainly, follow me..."
"...and that's the toilet. Any questions?"
"One. Where are we going?"
"Nebula 47-alpha-tango."  

"Zim, that dinner was excellent." James said,
"I'm glad you enjoyed it!" Zim replied, "Meet at your place same time next week?"
"OK. See you in the Morning. Good Night."
"Good night."  

Captain's log, Stardate: 57523.9, even though we are travelling to Nebula 47-alpha-tango at full speed, it will still take about 3 more days to get there. It's only through long distance journeys that you realize how big space is.