USS Interstellar
Class: Prometheus
Registry: NCC-10901
Affiliation: Starfleet (Delta Wolf Fleet)
Status: Active

Construction Edit

Construction began on the Prometheus class Starship on the 1st January 2378 at the Utopia Planitia Shipyard and ended on the 20th August 2379. On the 23rd August 2379 Captain James Hernandez took command and the shakedown cruise and testing of the warp systems commenced on the 1st September 2379. The Prometheus class is the only class to sport Multi-Vector Assault Mode.

Missions Edit

On the 3rd of May the Interstellar was sent to investigate a Wormhole in the Romulan Neutral zone. While investigating the Wormhole, Lt.Cdr. Taman Perul and four other officers were pulled in. The Interstellar had to split up and fire a tractor beam from each segment to guide the shuttle into the shuttle bay. (Chapter 1: The Vortex)

On the 5th of May the Interstellar was to deliver a communications relay to the edge of Federation space to facilitate better communication with ambassador Neelix. On the way back to Starbase 235, it was attacked by Klingons and Romulans. It was severely damaged and was only saved by Q at the last second. (Chapter 2: Q the Chaos)

On the 10th May at 6:15 AM the Interstellar recieved a distress call from the USS Cochrane as it was being attacked by the Tzenkethi. A short conflict ensued. There were no fatalities abord the Interstellar. (Chapter 3: Tzenkethi Trouble)

On the 15th May, the Interstellar was recalled to earth for a debriefing on the Tzenkethi situation. During this, The Borg attacked ant the Interstellar was called to The Battle of Delta 524. Following these events, the Interstellar was transferred to Delta Wolf fleet. (Chapter 4: For the Fourth time of Asking)

Crew Edit